Technology Transactions and Litigation

Combining the old with the new. Real estate law is rich in centuries of legal concepts and agreements and in practical experience implementing them. Agreements such as those for acquisitions, construction, financings, joint developments, joint ventures, LLC's, rights-to-use (i.e. easements) and licenses, credits, out-sourcing, confidentiality, and employment are staples of real estate transactions and practice. Samuelson Law is taking its experience with such agreements and applying it to the circumstances and laws particular to information security and privacy. As part of adapting such agreements to those circumstances and laws, this firm focuses upon the applicable Federal, state and international statutes and regulations, and works with technical experts to address the applicable and emerging industry standards and practices, all as part of an effort to try to anticipate, plan for avoiding (or minimizing or at least recognizing), and allocate responsibility for the legal exposures and duties arising from any losses of data, invasions of privacy, or other failures.